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Serene House - Serene Pod Refill (35g)

Serene House
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SERENE HOUSE’s new wax collection comprises different scents, each represented by a different color. So at the same time as creating greater variety, we have also created greater clarity. Big improvements have also been made in the areas of packaging and user-friendliness.
Our patented Serene Pods are now much easier to insert into and remove from our Serene Pod® Warmers. Together with the great variety of fragrances in the wax collection, they constitute a revolution in air care.

1 Pack consists of 2 x 35g serene pods

Each pod lasts up to approx. 240 Hours

35g Serene Pods are to be used for 
- Serene House - Dawn Scentilizer

- Serene House - Luna Scentilizer

- Serene House - Archi Wall Plug

- Serene House - Hive Wall Plug