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CocoBaci - Teeth Whitening Pack (Bundle PROMOTION!)

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Special Promotion!

Cocobaci Mint + Cocobaci Rasberry: $68
Cocobaci Rasberry + Cocobaci Lemon: $68
Cocobaci Lemon + Cocobaci Mint: $68

We use only the highest quality food-grade, vegan approved virgin coconut oil, and all-natural, organic infused essential oils. 
With 3 excellent flavors to choose from, use one of the different natural flavours or try the mixed flavor box to change it up daily, or decide which is
your preferred flavor. Our proven formula has eliminated any trace of bitter, cheap, and overly coconut flavored taste.

Cocobaci 15 days oil pulling programme:

  • Use daily as a mouthwash for 10-15 minutes, preferably upon waking and before brushing your teeth for consecutive next 15 days for best results.
  • Teeth Whitening - Removes stains
  • Added benefits of Gemmotherapy to detox the body
  • Organic and Paraben free


    • Teeth Whitening: Our oils reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth, remove stains and yellowing
      to expose the natural whiteness of enamel.

    • 100% Natural Ingredients: We NEVER use any harmful or toxic ingredients in our products. 
      Enjoy organic virgin coconut oil, and natural paraben-free essential oils, for the perfect hygienic routine.

  • Body Detox: Our oils use Gemmotherapy which harnesses the natural enzymes and hormones that plants release
    when they sprout new growth. Our virgin, organic coconut oil has plant bud extracts and other embryonic plant
    tissues, which open cellular detoxification pathways.

✓ Improve your body's balance of mood, concentration, and focus. 
✓ Strong teeth and gums. 
✓ Fresh breath. 
✓ Improve the effects of Halitosis. 
✓ Naturally kill viruses and bacteria.

Usage Directions

1. Squeeze sachet into mouth

2. Swirl for 10 minutes

3. Spit it out and Smile!